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Corporate Profile

Mission Statement

U.S. Pacific, Inc. is committed to 'Building Excellence' - Whether our client is new to us or a repeat customer - we pledge to take their project from vision to reality on time, within budget, and to their satisfaction.

Formation / History


U.S. Pacific Builders, Inc., was a privately held Hawaii Corporation established in 1989 to perform union construction work: this entity remained active until 2002. In 1999, U.S. Pacific Construction, Inc. was formed to serve as an open-shop entity. In 2005 the U.S Pacific Construction business was sold to Ledcor Construction and operated as Ledcor-U.S. Pacific Construction LLC until 2008.  Subsequently Ledcor dropped “U.S. Pacific Construction” from its Hawaii business name and continued in Hawaii as Ledcor until 2014, when it closed down its Hawaii construction business. Under a non-compete arrangement U. S. Pacific Inc. refrained from doing general contracting work from 2006 until 2011.


Simultaneously with the Ledcor alliance the U.S. Pacific Construction entity became U.S. Pacific Inc., (USPI) and continued construction work on mainland based construction projects, Hawaii concrete place and finish work as a subcontractor for other general contractors, concrete restoration projects, and as a general contractor in Hawaii only for related entity development projects.  USPI is a signatory to the Hawaii Masons Union.


In 2012 U.S. Pacific Inc., again recommenced its general contracting business as well as continuing its concrete restoration and subcontracting concrete place and finish work in the Hawaii market.  


Provide the customer with the industry's highest levels of service and quality construction.  We accomplish this objective in three key areas.  First, we provide an experienced and well-disciplined team of construction specialists; second, we encourage the early and free exchange of ideas and information with the development and design teams to help create solutions to budget and construction problems; and finally, we stress quality, safety and timeliness at our project sites.


Our experience and understanding of design and construction allows us to translate ideas into successful building projects.  The direct execution of the work in the field under the guidance of our experienced staff of managers, engineers and direct labor forces allows us to control project schedules and budgets.  We strive to attract qualified craftsmen and emphasize ongoing training and improvement at all levels from apprentices to supervisors.  We believe that our people are our most valuable assets and retain them by providing a well-managed, safe and productive working environment.  The final result is a well-designed, well-built, high-quality product that satisfies the designer's objectives and meets the Owner's budget and project goals.


Our managers and key executives have extensive major project experience in the Building Industry in Hawaii, the Mainland and Far East, and are equally at home in the Hard Bid, Design-Build, Design-Assist, and Construction Management arenas.  Whatever the contract method, top quality service is our goal.

Value Engineering

Ideally, we offer this on either a design assist or a design build basis before plans are finalized. Our VE analysis and recommendations on means, methods and materials bear in mind job specifics as well as performance ratings, requirements and costs.

Negotiated or Bid

We believe in using a balanced approach to obtaining construction projects. We prefer to negotiate because the owner, design team and contractor can work proactively to achieve a mutually beneficial goal, but we're also ready and willing to competitively bid for projects. 


Our lack of substantive claims result in significant labor cost savings for our clients. Our Worker's Comp experience rating modifier bears that out.


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