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Concrete Restoration

U.S. Pacific has always been involved in "concrete restoration" in one way or another. When adding to an existing structure it was sometimes required that we modify and repair the older structures’ concrete elements where they tied into the new structure. Other times it was necessary to architecturally change the look of an older structure to match a new addition. Structural repairs and restoring architectural features were just a part of our overall scope of work for some of the projects we’ve completed.

In 1993, US Pacific started work on the award winning Aloha Tower Marketplace. Included in our scope of work was the restoration of the landmark "Aloha Tower", built in 1926. The building is on the waterfront and subject to the harsh marine environment that attacks and destroys concrete and steel reinforced structures. This was a high profile stand-alone structure requiring extensive restoration. This was our first building of total restoration, structurally and architecturally. As such, it required a special crew with special tools, equipment, techniques, and materials.


Our experience with this project provided a solid foundation for this type of work. U.S. Pacific subsequently became a member of the International Concrete Repair Institute and follows their tested and proven techniques and guidelines in the preparation and the repair of concrete. In addition to industry standard state of the art tools, we now utilize specialized tools and equipment that were built in accordance with USP design, and have developed new techniques to perform this type of work. Our concrete restoration crew is trained and certified in the use of a variety of products from most major manufacturers in the industry. Key personnel have also been certified by the Scaffold Industry Association in all phases of scaffolding (both stack and suspended).

In addition to training that is directly related to the repair of concrete, most of our masons are also trained and certified to work safely around lead based paint and asbestos contaminated environments, and to abate and remove lead paint when required.

We were called upon to repair what we think were two of the most severely deteriorated structures on Oahu: the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium and the Turtle Bay Hilton (currently the Turtle Bay Resort at Kuilima). We have also completed other major hotels, condominiums, and parking structures, and are able to repair concrete anywhere in Hawaii. We have repaired the exterior façade of high-rise structures and their structural components (beams, columns and walls) and all types of suspended slabs. We have also repaired all types of concrete flat work. Beyond basic concrete repairs we also repair, replace and add architectural features, as we did at both Aloha Tower and the Natatorium. 

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