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Craigside Condominiums

Craigside Condominiums


Craigside AOAO


Architectural Diagnostics, Ltd.

Exterior concrete restoration of two 27-story towers and two multi-level parking structures. Repaired both visible and concealed areas of damage to the stucture which also solved the problems with water intrusion that existed. Coatings and patches from previous attempts at repair were removed down to the original concrete, and then primed and recoated. Where there was deterioration/corrosion of post tension cables and anchors due to insufficient concrete coverage at the slab edges, the affected slab edges were built out an extra one inch in the immediate area and a chamfer applied at a uniform location on each floor of the slab edge. By not building out the entire slab length of the slab edge unnecessaily on each floor, a cost savings to the Owner in excess of 4.5% of the contract amount was achieved.

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