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Dalat, Vietnam
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Dalat, Vietnam

Sofitel – Construction Management
Renovation to a 43 room five star hotel, while the hotel was in operation. Replaced doors, repaired joinery, finished flooring and repainted guestrooms., etc.

Novotel – Construction Management
Renovation and reopening of an existing, abandoned (20 year) hotel. An international standard design-build project that includes 143 guestrooms, laundry facilities, kitchen, bar, meeting rooms, elevators, and antique passenger lift, music system, satellite TV system, computer system, ventilation, fire protection, plumbing, drainage, and primary and back-up electrical services.

Villas – Construction Management
Renovation of 12 1920’s vintage villas. The villas range from 3-7 bedrooms. Provided back-up electrical power, central phone system and satellite TV. This design-build project is focused on restoring the villas to the original French designs and grandeur.

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